The Lockdown Beard

The Lockdown Beard


Have you ever wanted to grow a beard but couldn’t because of work or you just don’t have the time? Well, in these uncertain times we currently find ourselves in, you may just have the opportunity to do so.


In reality, it’s an easy thing to start, many men do, but then stop after a couple of weeks. The first couple of weeks are actually the hardest part, firstly, you’re probably not used to seeing yourself in what can potentially be a rather scruffy state, but secondly and more importantly, there is the itchy stage!!


It is at this itchy stage that a lot of men throw in the towel and shave, but help is at hand! Many people think that beard oil is only needed when your beard hair is longer, this is not true. The reason that many men get an itch whilst growing out their beard is that the hair is drawing the moisture away from the skin, this is where beard oil comes in.


You don’t need much, a few drops in your palm, rub your hands together to spread the oil and then gently massage it down to the skin. Do this twice a day to keep your skin moisturised and the hair conditioned.


The only other things you need are time, a good barber and the realisation that not all beards are the same, never compare your beard to another as all beards are different and have different techniques for trimming your beard.


Stay safe and have a MADD day!


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