How to use moustache wax

How to use moustache wax

Firstly, we'll explain what moustache wax is and the purpose it serves.

What is moustache wax?

Moustache wax is made with a much higher wax content and is used to help shape and style your moustache, just have a look online to get some ideas of how far you can take it, you'll be amazed!

Think of moustache wax as a thicker, heavier-duty balm, but you wouldn't want to use this all over your beard...that is unless you're going for some whacky styling there too.

At MADD Beard Co we like to keep everything natural and vegan friendly, that is why you'll never see beeswax in any of our waxes. We've opted for Candelilla wax as an alternative and have had great results with it. 

How to use moustache wax

Start by using the back of a fingernail to scrape some wax out of the tin, a small amount should work just fine. Once you've removed the desired amount, split it evenly between your thumb and forefinger on each hand and proceed to rub the wax between said finger and thumb as you'll want to get as much heat in there as you can to soften it up. 

(Word of warning, don't heat the wax upon the top of a freshly boiled kettle! I tried this and ended up with all the wax melting into the kettle, my wife was not impressed!)

Once you've got enough heat into the wax you can start applying it to your moustache. Do this by running your finger and thumb from the centreline of your moustache and outward to the tips, making sure to get the wax under the hair too. To help with the spread you can use a small moustache comb to get it all even.

Now you're at the point of experimentation, a little twist here, and a scroll there, if you can think it, it's probably been done.

Moustache styles

  • Imperial - Tight and scrolled up and back on itself at the tips
  • English - Running the width of your face, this thin and slight upward arc style is a winner 
  • Chevron - Just think of Tom Selleck
  • Cowboy - Bigger bushier version of the Chevron
  • Toothbrush - You've heard of Charlie Chaplin?

How often to use moustache wax

This not only depends on the style and length of your moustache but also the weather conditions... I know, sounds crazy eh? A hot and humid day will wipe out your amazingly styled Mo much quicker than a cooler, less humid day. I'll use it once a day and just tidy it up with a quick tweak or a little combing as the day goes on, you may need to apply a little more as you go. Trial and error is the lesson here.


Anyway, we hope you enjoyed our little how-to.

Have a MADD day,


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